Life is Better When You Wear Earrings

Life is Better When You Wear Earrings

Posted by Eva on Jul 2nd 2020

This month we are focusing on earrings. The one item our jewelry stylist insists we put on everyday are earrings. They help brighten up our faces, they help us express our style and individuality, and most important they are easy to wear.  

Earrings are like lipstick - a woman should never leave home without them.  It used to be that we would say that about lipstick, but in our current situation we are most likely not wearing much lipstick when we go out. Who wants that mess inside our masks!

With hot weather all around us, the best jewelry to wear is stainless steel for a few reasons. Stainless steel jewelry will never tarnish nor lose its plating because it is not a plating it is solid stainless steel. It does not cause allergies or irritate skin that is allergic to plated fashion jewelry. The best thing about stainless steel jewelry is that it is affordable and will last a lifetime.

Here are a few items our office team is loving and wearing everyday from the office right into the pool for an evening swim or a weekend at the beach swimming in the ocean.

Musical Note Hearts


If you love music and concerts, you are probably missing all the outdoor summer concerts.  Show your love of music with these pretty 1" long heart/music note earrings.


Nothing depicts summer jewelry better than hoops.  There's just something carefree about hoops.

Of course we also love our pets and why not show that love as well.

Paw Print Hoops


Open Paw Print Hoops.  


These earrings feature a removable open paw for when you want a simple and classic small hoop earring.

Earrings are easy to wear, you don't have to worry about adding any other piece of jewelry. With Stainless Steel, you can also feel good about wearing them to the pool or beach, they will not tarnish or irritate your skin. These are all so comfortable you can even wear them to sleep!