Love is in the Air and Weddings are Back!

Love is in the Air and Weddings are Back!

Posted by Eva DeCosta on May 4th 2021

Yes, you read that correctly-Weddings are Back!  

How wonderful it is to celebrate love and the union of two people surrounded by family and friends once again.

Probably the most important day of your life, your wedding is a time to share with those you love.  Make it extra special by giving them something special and they will remember that day always.

Joyful Sentiments is all about inspiration and showing love to the most important people in your life.  Our designers work hard to capture just the perfect message on the perfect item that will last a lifetime.

Our collection of wedding jewelry and gifts was designed to help you share your love with family and friends.  The people you select for your wedding party are special to you, you want to give them something that will remind them of that. 

Some of our favorite items below.

"I Do" Heart Pendant.  

A beautiful gold ion plated and cubic zirconia heart.  

"Every Bride Needs Her Best Friend By Her Side" Wedding Bells Pendant

This is such a true statement.  Your besty will love this necklace and treasure it always.

"Love" Pendant Necklace.

For the bride and her bridesmaids.  Show them you love them all. Not only is this a sentimental gift, but she will treasure it always and it's a great layering necklace she can wear everyday.

Your mom is probably the most important person at your wedding besides your husband or wife.

"My Friend My inspiration, My Mom" Pendant

is just the perfect gift for mom to treasure.  She helped you with all your plans and will always be there for you.  Surprise her with this little treasure.

Of course, you can't forget Dad.

"Dad, You Will Always be the First Man I Ever Loved"  

This certainly says it all.  Your Dad was your first.  He is happy for you and yet sad to give you away.

This simple keychain will always remind him how special he is to you.

Wedding jewelry sets for every style available.  Stainless Steel jewelry will last a lifetime.  White and yellow metal availble in bands and all stone rings are cubic zirconia.  Very high quality jewelry. Weddings are expensive and wedding bands can kill a budget.  Why not start with an affordable set? You can always get new jewelry when you have settled in a bit.  Stainless Steel has become the most popular medal for wedding rings in the past decade.

So, congratulations on your engagement! Enjoy the process of planning and making memories to last a lifetime!