Stainless Steel Jewelry - Sustainable Jewelry to Last a Lifetime

Stainless Steel Jewelry - Sustainable Jewelry to Last a Lifetime

Posted by Eva DeCosta on Mar 3rd 2021

Stainless Steel jewelry has risen in popularity in the past decade.  It has become very fashionable, and the fact that it will last a lifetime makes it so very popular as gifts for loved ones.  

Here, I'm sharing some reasons to purchase stainless steel.

The hard metal resists scratches and corrosion thanks to an invisible layer of chromium that prevents oxidation; this makes it the metal of choice for body jewelry.  The fact that it is durable allowing you to wear it every day and keep doing all your normal and heavy duty tasks without worrying about damaging the jewelry is of a plus.  

It has become very popular as wedding ring sets.  Stainless steel is way more affordable when you compare it to gold, silver, or platinum. It falls in the same category as titanium.  In todays market, the prices of these other metals are high for young couples.  A stainless steel set with cubic zirconia is beautiful and will last forever.  Some couples start with the stainless steel set and later upgrade to one of the other metals of choice.

Current designs have become very fashionable with some beautiful cubic zirconia stones.  Again, these items will last a lifetime resisting dents and damage through the years. The hardness and inflexibility of stainless steel, which is actually an advantage, can also be a disadvantage in case you need to get your ring resized. Resizing is very difficult with stainless-steel rings, so it is best to double-check your wedding finger and ring size before you place your order.

Wedding Collection

Wedding Collection

Wedding Collection

You can select from a variety of finishes including yellow gold plate, polished or a brushed finish. There are many times when you cannot tell if an item is white gold or stainless.  It can be polished to a high shine resembling white gold. 

From traditional rounded bands and gemstone-studded designs, to laser-engraved rings and two-tone bands, stainless steel serves as a wonderful metal option for wedding rings and engagement bands.

Another reason we love to have a selection of stainless steel jewelry is because of its ability to be worn in the pool or ocean without damaging the metal. Bracelets and earrings are staples in our wardrobes and now you don't have to leave your individuality at home because you fear damaging your jewelry.


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Maintaining stainless steel jewelry is also a lot easier as you won't have to have special cleaning solution to clean an care for your jewelry. Just use warm water and liquid soap, your stainless steel jewelry will be good as new.

I suggest you let the item soak in water with a little bit of soap. Use a toothbrush to clean around any stones. Wipe dry with a soft cloth.              

There is no fear of an alergic reaction when wearing stainless steel jewelry.  Jewelry is made from surgical-grade stainless steel. But to be sure, always ask if the piece is surgical steel.