Staying Positive in Tough Times

Staying Positive in Tough Times

Posted by Eva DeCosta on Aug 6th 2020

We all seem to be craving positivity in our lives. Humans cannot survive without it. Positivity makes you feel better, helps you keep a clear mind and stay optimistic. And yes, even in difficult times like these, it is very much possible to have a positive mindset and not be drowned in bad thoughts.

Joyful Sentiments is all about being positive and we hope we can help bring you positive thoughts and happy inspirations with our jewelry.



Here are just a few ways we have been keeping our sanity and have kept a positive outlook these past few months. We hope our suggestions help you as well.

  • 1. Discover new things to do.

We have found that so many people have taken to Youtube or tik toc to express themselves. If you have something you want to share with others like applying makeup or doing your hair or some gardening tips!. These have all become more popular during this pandemic. It always looks like everyone is having fun doing it. Lots of interaction through comments. Build your own little community.

  • 2.Education is always a good thing.

This has been a great time to learn a new skill, whether it’s a course to help you at your job or learning a new hobby like sewing or painting. There are so many on line classes available now. Again, these are fun, and you get to socialize safely and who knows, you could be making lots of new friends to socialize with in the future.

  • 3.Put your organizational skills to work.

There is no denying it, when you are organized, you just feel better. Get rid of the clutter and enjoy your home time. You will feel more relaxed and have a more positive outlook on life.

Remember that this too shall pass. Enjoy your free time. Just one more tip for staying positive:

when you feel a negative thought coming into your life, take a minute to think of three positive things. It works!