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Stainless Steel 12 Step Recovery Pendant Necklace - Sobriety Symbol Jewelry Gift

Joyful Sentiments

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Pendant Material:
Stainless Steel
Chain Length:
18 Inches With 3 Inch Extender
Lobster Claw
Joyful Sentiments
Sobriety Anniversary, Recovery Birthday, Daily Inspiration
Stainless Steel
Triangle and Circle (Recovery Symbol)
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- Those in recovery from addiction looking for a meaningful symbol of their sobriety journey - Friends and family of someone in recovery wanting to show their love and support - Anyone celebrating a sobriety anniversary or milestone - Sponsors looki
Meaningful recovery symbol pendant with triangle and circle representing the 12 step journey
Crafted from durable, tarnish-resistant stainless steel for lasting daily wear
Makes a thoughtful sobriety anniversary or birthday gift for a loved one in recovery
Created with care by the expert jewelers at Joyful Sentiments to honor life's most meaningful moments
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Old Name:
Recovery Pendant Necklace
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The road to recovery from addiction is a lifelong journey of courage and perseverance. This Stainless Steel 12 Step Recovery Pendant Necklace is a powerful symbol of the strength and commitment it takes to maintain sobriety one day at a time.

The pendant features the iconic recovery symbol - a triangle nestled inside a circle. The circle represents the serenity and wholeness that comes with working a recovery program, while the triangle signifies the three pillars of 12 step recovery: recovery, unity, and service. Together, they create a meaningful emblem of the recovery journey.

Crafted from durable, tarnish-resistant stainless steel, this recovery necklace is made to be worn daily as a constant reminder of the recovery path and the hard-won milestones along the way. It makes a thoughtful sobriety anniversary or birthday gift for a loved one in recovery, or a source of inspiration and affirmation for oneself.

At Joyful Sentiments, we understand the significance and emotion behind each piece of jewelry we create. Founded by a family of expert jewelers, we put decades of care and craftsmanship into every design, so you can wear and gift our jewelry with confidence. Our mission is to create wearable reminders of life's most meaningful moments - like the courageous steps of the recovery journey.